Reverse pedigree of:
AUST CH Tealbrook Black Duke
(M) , 1.V.63,
AUST CH Honeybrey Rikitik

AUST CH Avvier Walla Boy

N244160 (M)
Avvier Black Tulip

N327888 (F)
NZ CH & FT CH Pukemere Mure Kuri

NZ FT CH Midisland Sinbad
AM CH Toakaha Distant Thunder
14 Nov 1987 SF334602 black (M)
AM CH Toakaha Maruiwi CD ROM
14 Nov 1987 SF238205 black (M)
Toakaha Tarewa A Rua
FTW Toakaha Te Aorere
NZKC6679/1987 (F)
NZ CH Curlygleann Gipsy Lady
Pukemere Whakahahaki
28 Jan 1981
00395-1982 Black (M)
AUST CH Avvier King Maloi

N278612 Black (M)
AUST CH Avvier Prince Maloi
01 Nov 1979
N542149 Black (M)
AM CH Avvier Distinction
11 Sep 1986 AKC176900 black (F)
Jaripiton Cassie
25 May 1987 V237516 (F)
AUST CH Kunzulu Esmeralda
C683760 Black (F)
Aust Ch Kunzulu Fringe Benefit
08 Aug 1985
ANKCC827199 Black (M)
Blazeaway Cobbler
11 Jul 1988 S66671/88 Black (M)
Swed CH Blazeaway Lilly Trotter
11 Jul 1988 S66034/88 Black (F)
Ger Ch VDH Ch Blazeaway Painted Lady
11 Jul 1988 Black (F)
AUST CH Blazeaway Sooty Stilt
264741 (F)
AUST CH Fincuill Aldwyn
06 Apr 1988 N984054 (M)
Fincuill Annis
06 Apr 1988 N984049 (F)
AUST CH Fincuill Arlo Benson
06 Apr 1988 N984056 (M)
Aust Ch Fincuill Jimmy Buffet
04 Dec 1995 Black (M)
AUST CH Fincuill Joan Baez
04 Dec 1995 N1572357 Black (F)
Aust Ch Fincuill Joni Mitchell
04 Dec 1995 Black (F)
AUST CH Kunzulu Joan Baez
Fincuill Jimi Hendrix
Kunzulu Illgotten Gains
16 May 1993 N1361039AUS black (F)
AUST CH Avvier Merrishot Miss

N327892 (F)
AUST CH Avvier Countessa

N472227 (F)
AUST CH Gunmajor Royal Salute
N605600 (F)
Avvier Black Knight
12 Jun 1978
black (M)
AUST CH Honeybrey Petalea
19 Jun 1973
I38750 Black (F)
AUST CH Gecane Petana

Gecane Holley

H.H.0112 (F)
AUST CH Etzel Lady Bronwyn
09 Jun 1979 526158 Liver (F)
Gecane Sasha
01 Nov 1977
391363 Black (F)
Gecane Shanalee
18 Jan 1979
30110 Black (F)
Tealbrook Black Fleur

7.V.70 (F)
AUST CH Tabticara Black Ace
01 Sep 1973
4.V.73 Black (M)
Blazeaway Endeavour
16 Sep 1980
11/85 Black (M)
AM CH Aussie's Cinnamon Twist
11 Jul 1986
SE663675 Liver (F)
Am Ch Bobroban's Royal Gamekeeper
19 Mar 1990 SF855554 black (M)
Am Ch Tyline Bobroban of Elmack
19 Mar 1990 SF882379 black (F)
Bobroban's Bugle Boy
19 Mar 1990 SM758896/01 Liver (M)
Bobroban's Edrod Coop
19 Mar 1990 SF907038 Liver (M)
Bobroban's Etienne Navarre
19 Mar 1990 SF894059 Liver (M)
Bobroban's Guinness
19 Mar 1990 SF870466 black (M)
Bobroban's Kelsey
19 Mar 1990 SF874981 Liver (M)
Bobroban's Punkin
19 Mar 1990 SM758896/02 Liver (F)
AM CH Hartfire Karakul Yaquina CD WCX JH ROM HOF WR
06 Jul 1985
SE366265 black white on chest (F)
Aarowag's Angel Of Music
28 Feb 1990 SF819915 black (F)
AM CH Aarowag's Liquid Assets
05 Jan 1988 SF 140545 Liver (M)
AM CH Aarowag's Music Of The Night CD WCQ JH SR
28 Feb 1990 SF858498 black (F)
AM CH Charwin Devilspawn CDX WCQ SH WR
09 Apr 1993 SN057224/02 Black (M)
Am Ch Can Ch FCI Ch Mex Ch Charwin Diver Down UDX3 Can UD ASCA/MEX/UKC CDX OA
09 Apr 1993 SN057224/05 Black (M)
AM CH Charwin Double Duty
09 Apr 1993 SN057224/01 Black (F)
Charwin Dudley Doright
09 Apr 1993 SN057224/03 Black
Charwin Duncan's Doonerak
09 Apr 1993 SN057224/06 Black
Aarowag's Liquid Amber
05 Jan 1988 SF140543 Liver (F)
Aarowag's Masquerade
28 Feb 1990 SF844554 Liver (M)
Aarowag's Phantom
28 Feb 1990 SF826568 Liver (M)
Aarowag's Splash Dance
05 Jan 1988 SF140544 black (M)
Aarowag's Wandering Child
28 Feb 1990 SF844553 Liver (M)
High Range Merrymeeting
06 Jul 1985
SE693109 black (F)
High Range Gillie of Fowl-Play WC
20 Jul 1989 SF928762 black (M)
High Range Macgregor
20 Jul 1989 SF880140 black (M)
High Range Piper
20 Jul 1989 SF724187 black (M)
High Range Little Buddy
10 Nov 1986 SF233692 black (M)
High Range Buffalo Girl
10 Nov 1986 SE907606 black (F)
High Range Gunner JH
10 Nov 1986 SE844792 black (M)
High Range Scaup
10 Nov 1986 SE843529 black (M)
Am Ch Summerwind's Aussie Adora CD WC
11 Jul 1986
SE668733 Liver (F)
Summerwinds Four To Go
13 Jul 1989 SF805437 black (M)
Am Ch Summerwinds One For The Money
13 Jul 1989 SF691119 black (F)
Summerwinds Seven To Finish
13 Jul 1989 SF805436 black (M)
Am Ch Summerwinds Two To Show TT CGC
13 Jul 1989 SF826649 black (F)
El Mack Coventry Riverwatch CDX WC
21 Jan 1989 SF497707 Liver (F)
AM CH Summerwind's Bobby Dazzler
11 Jul 1986
Whistler Bay Hossa WCQ MH
02 Aug 1985
SE400017 black (M)
Tika's Wai Taratara Mungu
26 Jul 1992 SM996926/07 black (F)
Tikas India Ink
26 Jul 1992 SM996926/01 black (F)
Tikas Ransom Creek Rio
26 Jul 1992 SM996926/02 Liver (M)
Whistler Bay Shaina WC
02 Aug 1985
SE400482 Liver (F)
Concords Cinnamon Teal
30 Mar 1989 SF639438 Liver (M)
Concords Goldeneye
30 Mar 1989 Liver (F)
Concords Green Winged Teal
30 Mar 1989 SF550983 Liver (F)
Concords Hooded Merganser
30 Mar 1989 SF564468 Liver (F)
Concords Little Pintail
30 Mar 1989 SF547490 Liver (F)
Summerwind's Aussie Corker
11 Jul 1986
SF031250 black (F)
Summerwind's Aussie Spencer
11 Jul 1986
SE663678 Liver (M)
Summerwind's Aussie Sydney
11 Jul 1986
SE798710 Liver (M)
Summerwind's Aussie Tucker
11 Jul 1986
SE663676 black (M)
Hartfire Karakul Alsea
06 Jul 1985
SF358395 black (F)
Hartfire Karakul Tualatin
06 Jul 1985
SE531599 Liver (F)
High Range Gillie of Fowl-Play WC
20 Jul 1989
SF928762 black (M)
High Range Macgregor
20 Jul 1989
SF880140 black (M)
High Range Piper
20 Jul 1989
SF724187 black (M)
Karakul Columbia
06 Jul 1985
SE363599 Liver (F)
Karakul Hershey Express WCX
06 Jul 1985
SE520069 Liver (M)
Karakul Wild Rogue
06 Jul 1985
SE536472 black (M)
AUST CH Blazeaway Kon Tiki

V68517 (F)
Hyscore Boston

V130608 Liver (F)
Falconet Darkshadow
13 Dec 1989 V109204 Black (F)
AUST CH Falconet Griffon
13 Apr 1987 V231223 (M)
AUST CH Falconet Kestrel
13 Apr 1987 V231226 Black (F)
AUST CH Falconet Tallamore Dew
13 Dec 1989 V1092044 (M)
AUST CH Tabticara Lowanna

V4V73 (F)
AUST CH Tabticara Alicianna
27 Aug 1981
ANKCV89186 Black (F)
AUST CH Blazeaway Benbow
05 Jun 1985
ANKCV179460 Black (M)
AUST CH Blazeaway Belafonte
Blazeaway Boss Cocky
21 Nov 1991 (M)
AUST CH Blazeaway Bowser
07 Dec 1987 V249264 Black (M)
AUST CH Blazeaway Columbine
07 Dec 1987 V249267 (F)
Blazeaway Hesa Wonder
28 Jul 1991 (M)
Am CH Can Ch Blazeaway I'm Supreme WC
28 Jul 1991 SM968167/01 Black (F)
Aust CH, Swed CH Blazeaway Quality Street
07 Dec 1987 S20420/91 Black (F)
AUST CH Blazeaway Teena Turner
Black (F)
Kihara Helsal Girl
05 Aug 1989 (F)
Kihara Liberty Boy
05 Aug 1989 V1065898 (M)
Kihara Segatious
05 Aug 1989 V1065901 (F)
Am Ch Blazeaway King Coal
28 Jul 1991 SM 845147/01 black (M)
Blazeaway Cobbler
11 Jul 1988
S66671/88 Black (M)
Blazeaway Kashmir Bear
09 Jan 1984
Swed CH Blazeaway Lilly Trotter
11 Jul 1988
S66034/88 Black (F)
Ringlets Raging Blizzard
31 Jan 1991 S17030/91 Black (M)
SUCH Ringlets Raise The Wind
31 Jan 1991 S17032/91 Black (F)
Ringlets Rampant Storm
31 Jan 1991 S17031/91 Black (M)
Ringlets Rapid Tornado
31 Jan 1991 S17034/91 Black (F)
SUFTCH SUCH NUCH INTUCH Ringlets Rattling Breeze
31 Jan 1991 S17035/91 Liver (F)
Ringlets Raving Hurricane
31 Jan 1991 S17033/91 Black (F)
Ringlets Sand Spout
03 Sep 1992 S59770/92 (F)
Ringlets Scurry Of Snow
03 Sep 1992 S59771/92 (F)
Ringlets Sea Breeze
03 Sep 1992 S59772/92 Black (F)
Ringlets Sooty Tempest
03 Sep 1992 S59768/92 Black (M)
Ringlets Splendid Sirocco
03 Sep 1992 S59773/92 Black (F)
Ringlets Stiff Gale
03 Sep 1992 S59775/92 Black (F)
Ringlets Summer Wind
03 Sep 1992 S59767/92 Black (M)
Ringlets Sweeping Storm
03 Sep 1992 S59769/92 Black (M)
Ringlets Swirl Of Sand
03 Sep 1992 S59774/92 Black (F)
Ger Ch VDH Ch Blazeaway Painted Lady
11 Jul 1988
Black (F)
Gaylock April In Paris
18 Apr 1991 Black (F)
Gaylock April Jester
18 Apr 1991 Black (M)
Am Ch Gaylock April Songbird UDT WC JH UKC Started
18 Apr 1991 Liver (F)
Gaylock Bronze Maid
20 Jun 1993 Liver (F)
Gaylock April Joker
18 Apr 1991 Black (M)
Gaylock April Love
18 Apr 1991 Black (F)
Gaylock April Folly
18 Apr 1991 Black (F)
Gaylock Blue Baron
20 Jun 1993 Black (M)
Gaylock Blue Raven
20 Jun 1993 Black (M)
Gaylock Blue Knight
20 Jun 1993 Black (M)
Gaylock Blue Steel
20 Jun 1993 Black (M)
Gaylock Blue Magic
20 Jun 1993 Black (M)
Gaylock Blue Velvet
20 Jun 1993 Black (F)
Gaylock Bronze Lass
20 Jun 1993 Liver (F)
AUST CH Blazeaway Podowoko

V213202 (F)
Gunway Black Magic
Gunway Red Ocre
09 Mar 1989 T1039286 Liver (M)
AUST CH Blazeaway Sooty Stilt

264741 (F)
AUST CH Dizzyki Bo Derrick
Dizzyki Bo Diddly
AUST CH Dizzyki The Countess
Dizzyki The Dancer
27 Feb 1992 (F)
Aus Ch Dizzyki The Gypsy
27 Feb 1992 218191 (F)
AUST CH Dizzyki The Hun' Ress
Dizzyki The Illusionist
27 Feb 1992 (F)
Dizzyki The Marksman
27 Feb 1992 (M)
AUST CH Dizzyki The Skipper
AUST CH Blazeaway Tikar
22 Aug 1986
Black (F)
Aus.NZ.Ch Blazeaway Wodaabe
22 Aug 1986
Black (F)
AUST CH Blazeaway Brindabella
19 Dec 1993 Black (F)
Blazeaway Mambo
10 Jan 1996 V1577565 Black (F)
Blazeaway Manov The Match
02 Feb 1989 Black (M)
FIN Ch Blazeaway Out For A Duck
03 Feb 1989 Black (M)
Blazeaway Rip Curl
10 Jan 1996 S30762/96 Black (M)
Blazeaway Satanic Ritual
18 Jan 1995 V1490103 Black
Blazeaway Sonov Satan
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