Pedigree of:
Wintervale Breeze
(F) 10 Oct 1998, Black
Kelsmere Kowari Of Wintervale
06 Oct 1997
Sh Ch Lahabra Conqueror
19 May 1989
3306BZ Black
Ch Hawthorn Ranger Of Brenal
18 Jan 1986
3455BW Black
Ch Darelyn Rifleman
31 Aug 1983
3996BT Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Fabian
18 Jan 1977 KCSB 0620BQ Black
Ch Darelyn Natasha
04 Nov 1980 2458BQ Black
Pentar Leda
24 Jan 1981
Ch Twyssenden Tramp Of Padaska
12 Jun 1972 0386BN Black
Banworth Trunella
30 Nov 1977 2320BR
Littlewickers Nightnurse
Harkaway Night Jar At Littlewickers
Sh Ch Banworth John Sin John
21 Jul 1976 Black
Ch Harkaway Thistle
11 Sep 1976 1569BL Black
Littlewickers Hazard Light
11 Mar 1982
Sh Ch Darelyn Crispian
11 Oct 1975 2065BK Black
Harkaway Moss
Kelsmere Kantata
12 Aug 1993
Daelyb Dixon At Jancliff
10 Jul 1991
Clarekerry Lucky Dip
Ernedene Royal Justice Of Clarekerry
Grenowood Alexia Of Clarekerry
20 Oct 1981
Ferndel Black Lace Of Daelyb
17 Aug 1988
Sh Ch Darelyn Orlando
18 Nov 1981 1119BS Black
NUCH Branflic Cassandra
01 May 1985 N26625/89 Black
Kelsmere Lark
06 Jan 1992
Rambling Red At Nightsun
05 Oct 1988
xCD Liver
Sh Ch Tangulls Samphire Of Herblyn
07 May 1985 2903BV Black
Gladrags Debutante
15 Aug 1985 4239BV
Corritani At Kelsmere
13 Dec 1987
Sh Ch Roydina Casanova
23 Jan 1985 1293BV Black
Guildhouse Lady
Wintervale Brook
22 Apr 1992
Cobrizo Herrero
10 Oct 1989
Sh Ch Gladrags Dynamite
15 Aug 1985
0257BW Liver
Gladrags Ambassador
03 Apr 1984
xBW Black
Sh Ch Gladrags Gallavanter
30 Jul 1982 3566BT Black
Darelyn Miss Ellaneous Of Gladrags
16 Nov 1979
Sh Ch Gladrags Graffiti
30 Jul 1982
1506BT Black
Sh Ch Gladrags Grenadier
05 Nov 1980 1413BQ Black
Littlewickers Cymric Of Gladrags
15 May 1980 e8
Sh Ch Cobrizo Rafaga
12 Feb 1986
Ch Roydina Camero
05 Nov 1979
0460BQ Black
Sh Ch Banworth Barry Cornwall
21 Jul 1976 0518BM Black
Sornum Alita
15 Apr 1977 813BN Black
Emanon Jems Delight At Cobrizo
Emanon Thunder Storm
14 Jun 1974 Black
Copnet Capers
13 Jun 1971 537BH Black
Berryholme Royal Star
Sh Ch Roydina Casanova
23 Jan 1985
1293BV Black
Sh Ch Gladrags General
05 Nov 1980
2319BR Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Crispian
11 Oct 1975 2065BK Black
Gladrags Governess
19 Jun 1978
Sh Ch Roydina Cinnamon
04 Jan 1980
0169BR Liver
Sh Ch Banworth Barry Cornwall
21 Jul 1976 0518BM Black
Rosthwaite Queen Of Roydina
15 Oct 1977 2126BP
The Phantom Of Berryholme
29 Aug 1986
Settgarth Lamplight
Ernedene Royal Court at Settgarth
Ghia at Settgarth
Jade of Emma
Grenowood Andy Pandy
20 Oct 1981 Black
Bottesford Lady Jane
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