Pedigree of:
Sh Ch Samando Bracken
(M) 18 Jul 1965, 292BA, Black
DK.CH. Banworth Adnero
DK20001/68 Black
Ch Banworth Orenda
11 Oct 1956
2437AP Black
Ch Rungles Shackels
22 Sep 1950 1658AJ Black
Banworth Artemis
01 Apr 1953 1067AN
Trambitops Ranee
Ch Darelyn Sarona Nero
29 Jun 1955 997AQ Black
Trambitops Dolorosa Of Grinkle
19 May 1954 1081AP
Charcol Dinky Diamond
09 Jan 1962
Charcol Cinnaman
Ch Darelyn Grinkle Sherlock
19 May 1954 146AQ Black
Darelyn Dyna
11 Feb 1957 1187AR Black
Marshview Jet
12 Jun 1959
Bsuto Prince
03 Sep 1953
Grinkle Gaylocks
16 Aug 1956 2445AS
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