Pedigree of:
Rockleigh Duchess
(F) 22 Feb 1925, 8/25 xRR,
Ch Good Boy
06 Aug 1922
Penwortham Brown Boy
08 Aug 1914
Ch Penwortham Sportsman
27 Nov 1910
735S Black
Wolseley Bold Boy
10 May 1907
Preston Tipster
Preston Empress
04 Jun 1902 2/04 xP
Standish Star
Ch Penwortham Tommy
05 Mar 1906 812M Black
Standish Gypsy
Penwortham Nana
27 Dec 1910
Ch Deveronside Kaffir
28 Apr 1907
755N Black
Ch Preston Sultan
265F Black
Deveronside Queen
12 Apr 1903 829H (CoN)
16 Apr 1906
Ch Preston Sultan
265F Black
Belle Vue Duchess (unr)
Saucy Beauty
Nigger (unr)
Caroline Belle
10 Aug 1916
11/19 xFF
31 Aug 1907
Standish Blackamoor
Standish Gypsy
Shevington Belle
21 May 1910
31 Aug 1907
Miss Eclipse (unr)
Good Lass
Ch Good Lad
SB 40576 Black
Young Preston Wonder
SB 33870 Black
Preston Wonder
SB 29048 Black
Ch Doctor
SB 12652
Preston Lady
SB 26915 Liver
Longton Belle
Ch Barkwith Lady
SB 22497 Black
Young King Koffee
SB 10373 Black
Ch King Koffee
SB 4361 Black
Nellie III
SB 10383 Black
SB 20536
Sultan (SB10372)
SB 10372 Black
Jet (Barton's)
Nellie (Farr's)
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