Pedigree of:
Oak's Wild Song
(F) 26 Mar 1994, SF23859/94, Liver
World Ch Cornish Marksman
11 Feb 1990
NHSB1700330 Black
Ch Darelyn Rifleman
31 Aug 1983
3996BT Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Fabian
18 Jan 1977
KCSB 0620BQ Black
Ch Darelyn Delrick
10 Oct 1968 3034BE Black
Darelyn Dana
Ch Darelyn Natasha
04 Nov 1980
2458BQ Black
Gambling Man Of Mine
Darelyn Gipsy Girl
15 Jul 1977
Celtic Clover
Saxonholme Humpty Dumpty
Sh Ch Darelyn Andy
15 Nov 1973 0391BJ Black
Sh Ch Roydina Caprice Of Saxonholme
05 Nov 1979 0569BQ Black
Celtic Raven
Diant Sea Captain
Harkaway Jess
Oak's Rhapsody
22 Mar 1991
SF13954/91 Liver
FIN CH Gladrags Commander
14 Nov 1989
SF6923/90 Black
Sh Ch Tangulls Samphire Of Herblyn
07 May 1985
2903BV Black
Ch Darelyn Rifleman
31 Aug 1983 3996BT Black
Tangulls Blaeberry
12 Apr 1982 3590BT
Sh Ch Gladrags Graffiti
30 Jul 1982
1506BT Black
Sh Ch Gladrags Grenadier
05 Nov 1980 1413BQ Black
Littlewickers Cymric Of Gladrags
15 May 1980 e8
H??m?rin Fariini
17 May 1987
NUCH Firfots Fanto
15 Jan 1980
N11830/80 Liver
NUCH Darelyn Eamon
16 Oct 1976 N07921/77 Liver
NUCH Darelyn Antonia
15 Nov 1973 N11375/74 Liver
29 Oct 1980
Noble Protector
18 May 1977 N15086/74 Black
Cardamon Mint
12 Jan 1977 SF4177S777 Black
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