Pedigree of:
Connie Of The Sunset
(F) 16 Jul 1992, Black
Thunderstorm Mick
Jade Of Lucky
01 Feb 1987
Settgarth Lamplight
Ernedene Royal Court at Settgarth
Sh Ch Darelyn High Society Of Ernedene
31 Oct 1977
0812BN Liver
Darelyn Coppersmith
11 Oct 1975 0520BM
Darelyn Danella
13 Nov 1975 0704BL
Ernedene Gypsy Carnival
14 Nov 1978
0570BQ Liver
Sh Ch Darelyn High Society Of Ernedene
31 Oct 1977 0812BN Liver
Solwood Gypsy Girl Of Ernedene
27 Dec 1975 1726BL
Ghia at Settgarth
Bottesford Lady Jane
Emanon Thunder Storm
14 Jun 1974
Ryles Meikle Sydera
Goldendawn Bruno
Siccawei Bronze Lass
Emanon Tinkers Memory
Sh Ch Charcol Draco Doughboy
09 Jan 1962 441AX Black
Darelyn Donnah
25 Jul 1965 78143/65
Renniston Katrina
Renniston Guardian
23 Sep 1976
Renniston Ramah Connaught
04 Aug 1968 0844BD
Sh Ch Renniston Solitaire
08 Dec 1968 495BF Black
Banworth Dahlia Of Renniston
30 Nov 1977
Sh Ch Banworth John Sin John
21 Jul 1976 Black
Pine End Glory
29 May 1971 1912BP black
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