Pedigree of:
AM CH Charwin Fired Up CD WCX JH
(M) 16 Sep 1995, SN281555/03, Black
Am Ch Can Ch FCI Ch Mex Ch Charwin Diver Down UDX3 Can UD ASCA/MEX/UKC CDX OA
09 Apr 1993
SN057224/05 Black
AM CH Toakaha Distant Thunder
14 Nov 1987
SF334602 black
NZ CH & FT CH Pukemere Mure Kuri
NZ DCh & GFTCh Waitoki Tamatakapua
17 Jul 1972
NZKC 1972/8516 Liver
NZ FCh Manalux Bruce
670/2078 Liver
Banworth Corona
1968/250 Black
Avvier Black Tulip
AUST CH Avvier Walla Boy
AUST CH Avvier Wallaville Lass
N193599 Black
NZ CH Velvet Of Craigdhu
08499-1980 Black
NZ CH Prince Of Eden Valley
NZKC 06126-1977
Glenmore Towser
Nola Of Townley
Pippy Of Tay
NZKC 8463-1976
Ngahue Of Toakaha
Lass Of Waikiwi
AM CH Hartfire Karakul Yaquina CD WCX JH ROM HOF WR
06 Jul 1985
SE366265 black white on chest
Blazeaway Endeavour
16 Sep 1980
11/85 Black
AUST CH Tabticara Black Ace
01 Sep 1973
4.V.73 Black
Lectim Teddy
Tealbrook Black Fleur
AUST CH Waitoki Tuhora QC
17 Jul 1972
1972/8520 Liver
NZ FCh Manalux Bruce
670/2078 Liver
Banworth Corona
1968/250 Black
AM CH Longplain Karakul Chance CD WC ROM
12 May 1983
SD727759 black white on chest and belly
AM CH High Range Windpatch Scaup
25 Apr 1979
SC901577 Liver
AM CH Lezah Nero
17 Dec 1969 SA759279 Liver
High Range Squirt
23 Feb 1977 Liver
Longplain Carody Velvet
01 Jan 1977
SC626449 black
Waitoki Murere
25 Dec 1970 Black
Hie-On Rhetta of Reedlane
04 Nov 1974 SB692408 black
Ptarmigan Wild Women Do CD ROM
18 Jun 1991
SM908061/05 black
AM CH Rockmeadow Deliverance CD WCX JH ROM HOF SR
21 May 1986
SF021850 Black
Am Ch Mex Ch Int Ch Charwin Scirocco CDX Can CD WCQ SH ROMX HOF WR
07 Feb 1984
SD960374 Black
AM CH Karakul Jock UD WC
15 Aug 1980
SC981442 Black
AM CH Karakul Devil's Advocate
23 Feb 1977 SC184099 Liver
AM CH Karakul Corona De Sombra CD ROMX
23 Oct 1976 SC096657 Black
AM CH Lakeview's Kitty Hawk Cd Rom
11 Jul 1980
SD062272 Black
AM CH Windpatch Ebony Walkabout CD ROM
18 Apr 1974 SB503975 Black
AM CH Sevenravens Windbell
22 Apr 1977 SC185899 Black
Wai Taratara Tika
02 Feb 1982
SE679302 black
Rangi-wai Rowdy
07076-1980 Liver
Waitoki Panther
Mcrae Black Barbie
Mcrae Black Beauty
21876-1977 black
Waitoki Miroku
Mcrae Black Samantha Two
AM CH Ptarmigan Jollybodies Whizz
08 May 1988
SF331188 Liver
Am Ch Ptarmigan Black Barts Ballad
16 May 1985
SE318240 black
Am Ch Pentar Flynne
07 Jan 1984
SE071002 black
Harkaway Rudi
17 Jul 1975 0628BK
Banworth Trunella
30 Nov 1977 2320BR
AM CH Windpatch Fivor Newsworthy CD
08 Sep 1980
SD003613 Liver
Banworth Ivurried WC ROM
30 Nov 1977 SC493606 black
Windpatch Fireball Of Halryn
07 Jan 1978 SC476702 Liver
Am Ch Wimberways Curly Baybelle ROMX
08 Jul 1981
SE120353 black
Bayard Jack Of Windpatch
29 Aug 1971
AM CH Siccawei Black Rod
22 Nov 1966 SA482805 Black
Sauk Trail Canadian Duchess Can CD
Can Ch Windpatch Kyne Black Pearl
05 Aug 1977
SC266376 Black
AM CH Lezah Nero
17 Dec 1969 SA759279 Liver
Carnsford Kyeema Patch
16 Aug 1970 SA855930 black
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