Pedigree of:
Aust CH, Swed CH Blazeaway Quality Street
(F) 07 Dec 1987, S20420/91, Black
AUST CH Blazeaway Benbow
05 Jun 1985
ANKCV179460 Black
AUST CH Blazeaway Magistrate
ANKC1V75 Black
AUST CH & NZ CH Carnsford Black Jordan
AUST CH Honeybrey Louis Boy
15 Mar 1969
ANKCQ93462 Black
Crutchfield Cadmus
AUST CH Ararat Pepi
19 Nov 1966 N109946 Black
AUST CH Tealbrook Belinda
AUST CH Tealbrook Black Knight
AUST CH Tealbrook Black Naiad
AUST CH Waitoki Tuhora QC
17 Jul 1972
1972/8520 Liver
NZ FCh Manalux Bruce
670/2078 Liver
NZ Fld Ch Cairn Ryan Ace
L60/1632 Black
Paetawa Belle
L64/2371 Liver
Banworth Corona
1968/250 Black
DK.CH. Banworth Adnero
DK20001/68 Black
Banworth Record
08 Jul 1964 294BA
AUST CH Tabticara Alicianna
27 Aug 1981
ANKCV89186 Black
AUST CH Mahimanu Riwi
01252-1978 Liver
NZ DCh & GFTCh Waitoki Tamatakapua
17 Jul 1972
NZKC 1972/8516 Liver
NZ FCh Manalux Bruce
670/2078 Liver
Banworth Corona
1968/250 Black
Mcrae Black Moss
Ardkeen Demon
Waitoki Samantha
L66/6906 Black
AUST CH Tabticara Lowanna
Lectim Teddy
Sarona Simon
AUST CH Lectim Lady Brimstone
Tealbrook Black Fleur
AUST CH Tealbrook Black Duke
AUST CH Tealbrook Black Naiad
Darelyn Toffee Distinction
18 Jan 1986
Ch Darelyn Rifleman
31 Aug 1983
3996BT Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Fabian
18 Jan 1977
KCSB 0620BQ Black
Ch Darelyn Delrick
10 Oct 1968
3034BE Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Dandini
28 Mar 1961 1311AW Black
Lit Of Ponciau
Darelyn Dana
Burtoncurl Glaucus
13 Jan 1966 0792BA Liver
Darelyn Delainey
Ch Darelyn Natasha
04 Nov 1980
2458BQ Black
Gambling Man Of Mine
Charcol Crusader
06 Feb 1974 387BN
Gatewood Shellena
20 Dec 1974
Darelyn Gipsy Girl
15 Jul 1977
Sh Ch Rosthwaite Nimrod
18 Jun 1973 1839BJ Black
Sh Ch Donnaliza Of Darelyn
16 Aug 1971 0779BG Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Pollyanna
21 Apr 1982
5559BS Black
Sh Ch Pentar Pegasus Of Solwood
24 Jan 1981
0398BR Black
Ch Twyssenden Tramp Of Padaska
12 Jun 1972
0386BN Black
Renniston Ramah Connaught
04 Aug 1968 0844BD
Grinkle Elisa
Banworth Trunella
30 Nov 1977
Sh Ch Banworth John Sin John
21 Jul 1976 Black
Pine End Glory
29 May 1971 1912BP black
Darelyn Martini
16 Nov 1979
Sh Ch Darelyn Andy
15 Nov 1973
0391BJ Black
Sh Ch Darelyn Darren
25 Jul 1965 943BC Black
Sh Ch Donnaliza Of Darelyn
16 Aug 1971 0779BG Black
Darelyn Danella
13 Nov 1975
Ch Darelyn Delrick
10 Oct 1968 3034BE Black
Darelyn Dana
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