Offspring of:
Am CH Gladrags Water Bug
(F) 24 Jul 1998, SN564796/08, Black
Sire Am Ch Mayhem's Gentlemans Agreement  (M) 17 Jan 1994 SN132897/04 black
Dam Am Ch Gladrags A Wish For Wales  (F) 10 Mar 1995 SN242249/05 black
Litter 1
18 Sep 2003
SR AM CH Fairway's It's My Party, WCX JH  (M) 01 Jan 1999 Black
  1. Jangio's Bee A Rebel Two  (M) 18 Sep 2003 SR137689/02 black
  2. Jangio's Doodle Bug  (M) 18 Sep 2003 SR137689/01 black
  3. Am CH Jangio's Don't Bug Me Now, RN  (M) 18 Sep 2003
  4. AM CH Jangio's Party Bug  (F) 18 Sep 2003 Black
  5. Am Ch Can Ch UKC Ch Jangio's Lightning Bug, CD RE ROM CGC  (M) 18 Sep 2003
Litter 2
03 May 2004
AM CH Kurly Kreek Stocking Stuffer  (M) 04 Mar 1997 SN515418/02 Liver
  1. Jangio's Ringo Starr Kurlkreek  (M) 03 May 2004
  2. Jangio's George Harrison  (M) 03 May 2004
  3. Jangio's Paul McCartney  (M) 03 May 2004
  4. Am CH Jangio's John Lennon  (M) 03 May 2004
Litter 3
23 Jan 2007
Am Ch Shadowbrooks First PJ Party, WC  (M) 13 Jul 2001 SN849891/05 black
  1. Am CH Jangio's Flying High, CD, CGC  (F) 23 Jan 2007 SR2001903 Black
  2. Am CH Jangio's Gotta Fly  (F) 23 Jan 2007 SR2001902 Black
  3. Jangio's Frequent Flyer  (M) 23 Jan 2007 SR2001901 Black
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